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They sent me on home and retained him. [–]eraser_dust 833 points834 points835 points 3 years ago (35 children). It's days away from the anniversary and they're starting to dream about my uncle and see him walking around the house. Growing up I have always had trust issues so whenever a relatuve passed away I was like "meh" because I never allowed myself to become attached. Tree fell in my neighbors yard down a steep hill. Experienced this in November when my BFF passed from cancer. I reclined the passenger seat to sleep. So he could decide to give him the least physically demanding sentence among the options available to him for that crime. When EMS finally came and took him away I couldn't even look at him any longer, just to see someone in such a helpless state. One night he hit the bar on the way home from work and then drove home after it closed. He pretty much planned the whole trip and I was just kind of along for the ride. A few minutes after that the police, ambulances, and fire department start to arrive. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. This was during the night shift. [–]Redjay12 399 points400 points401 points 3 years ago (33 children). I've experienced this only once in my life. I know I was in elementary school and it was before Grade 4. What made this day different was that it had rained only hours before so the branches were wet. We get on this this one road which is fairly common road in our town. The really disturbing part was how the entire freaking town came out to gawk at the accident. People were nervous about traveling, and the situation was just so weird in the worst way. I'll never forget meeting her off the plane and her just looking... dead. A whole host of mental health problems and abuse from growing up. Clean accidents with enzyme cleaner or it doesn't kill the bacteria and cats can still smell that that is their spot. Something like that doesn't leave you. The door to her apartment building was blessedly open and I ran straight to her front door. No way I could have taken on four drugged up psychos and gotten away unscathed. TBH the illustrations fucked with me way more than the stories. When I almost got kidnapped while walking home around 9pm. I saw it on the news when it happened. Wow. Glad the guy recovered, that sounds very serious. [–]rafraska 8350Answer Link834 points835 points836 points 3 years ago* (52 children), Vet here. Half of my brain is yelling "PANIC!!!" I will never forget my mom breaking down crying when the doctor walked in depressingly and told us I had a subluxation of my C1, C2 vertebrates, a hairline fracture on my C1 vertebrate, and almost all my ligaments in my neck were torn. Finally, I got up, unlocked the bedroom door and peaked out into the living room to see if she left a surprise on the rug. We could have died and an entire family basically wiped off the face of the earth. My parents and I watched other news channels and saw family members fainting, throwing up, and wailing like desperate souls. That moment......I can't even accurately describe how scared I was. Not sure how the conversation came about, but my mom ended up telling me this story. Just finished working 14 hours. I've had many conversations started with me in the subway from folks who don't seem all there and you did what never failed me. I hope that your family can get through it okay. I'm alive, and I am hanging almost upside down, caught by my backpack straps in a tree which is growing out of the cliff side. She was in the back seat and was the only one not buckled in. Those poor kids had no idea what was coming to them :(. I found the man laying between two pool tables, he had hit his head pretty bad when he fell back, it was bleeding. She always fed the neighbors dog behind the house, she went one day and the dog was free. Maybe its a combination of my cats shit and all the cleaning product we used over the weekend? My mate and I went over it and I landed on the flats (flat area beyond the landing) and when we were on the lift on the way up (maybe 10m away from this jump) I pointed it out and said that we shouldn't hit that again because it wasn't safe. All but four family members sided with Grandpa (He seriously is a master manipulator and has had them in the palm of his hand for years) and they still hang out with him and have him for dinner and spend Christmas with him. She's just. I was travelling alone in a foreign country, and was at the local bus station, trying to get a bus ticket to go to another city. I put the phone to my ear, and what I heard still scares me to this day. Families of victims were at the Surabaya airport just waiting for any breaking news or their family members in case the plane like, flew back or something. [–]mth69 684 points685 points686 points 3 years ago (29 children). I started the car and backed out of my driveway and into my neighbors driveway across the street. Such a scary moment. It's kinda dumb (or brave, matter of perspective) but also a form of intimidation. they say that everyone has a story that'll break your heart. There was a man standing across the road who just happened to live right across from where we crashed. I ignored it, rolled over, and tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. Impatient my decides to illegally cut him off and just go home. People who weren't there sometimes downplay it now because "only" 3 people died, but it was horrific. My mom worked in the ER and psych ward. Just thinking of it again gives me shivers, [–]keeho 1650 points1651 points1652 points 3 years ago (60 children). Those boys who were once bubbly looked ...lifeless. says a man's voice, quietly. I remember calmly putting the book back onto the shelf, picking up my stuff and going back upstairs. My sister then grabs the phone screaming for help as my mother grabs her by the throat and picks her up and presses her against my window. Scariest moment of your life? [–]ZeJazzaFrazz 1995 points1996 points1997 points 3 years ago (74 children), A close family-friend of mine was a firefighter his entire life and he told me the worst day of his whole career was when a girl doused herself in gasoline and lit the whole dorm on fire. So a few things went through my mid really quickly as soon as I first sighted the croc; First: You're about to get fucked, tell your friend to swim to safety. How did that happen?? [–]DoorToSummer 273 points274 points275 points 3 years ago (6 children), [–]ZeroCreature74 3120 points3121 points3122 points 3 years ago (188 children). The day I had to use all the training in CPR I never imagined I'd ever need. I hug her and I can feel every bone in her body, she's so tiny it's terrifying. He enters her hospital room in the morning, the woman is heavily sedated and there is a nurse fixing her bed and cleaning the room. by : Erma . [–][deleted] 374 points375 points376 points 3 years ago (23 children). Agonal breathing, maybe? Everybody jumps, it was LOUD, everybody turns and looks - all the hundreds of faces that a second ago had been facing me are all now swiveled the other way. After leaving that store, I needed to make a quick run to the supermarket that serves as anchor store for the retail strip. After dad finally recovers and apologizes to the nurse, says "that's so weird, that only happens when I get close to cats." in the past I'm just in awe that they managed to get their hands on gasoline and a flame source. Come to find out, the "shooter" had texted one of his friends a picture of the guns in his backpack about ten minutes before he was gonna arrive at school. Watching my parents take their last breaths (death rattle/wheeze) in the hospital after fighting small-cell lung cancer, stage four. [–]Roxyapip 409 points410 points411 points 3 years ago (14 children), [–]Jackson_Grey 412 points413 points414 points 3 years ago (13 children). [–]ThatsMrEngineer 413 points414 points415 points 3 years ago (71 children). The paramedics got there (along with a firetruck carrying EMTs and a police officer), and i watched as they carried him down the stairs in a gurney and took him off. [–]AskMeAboutMyTie 358 points359 points360 points 3 years ago (20 children). UFC welterweight veteran Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is one of the most fearless men in all of MMA and he has made that very clear over the years. [–]King-Olaf 1096 points1097 points1098 points 3 years ago (62 children). She took no shit. It was exhilarating and so much fun. Then, immediately after burning his mom, the son hung himself on the stage... Edit 2: Forgot to mention that the art in the window was apparently the mother's that they found in the remains of the fire. by Shelby (Canada) One night when I was 14 I had the scariest experience of my life. So I'm like okay fuck this I give myself permission how's that and I get to walking down the SUPER dusty dirt road. This man was in my house the entire night! My dad's a firefighter. We secured the weapon and applied pressure on his face until the paramedics showed up. all she could reach was my shirt and held onto that for the ride. My brother drank a bottle of cologne one time, and when i got home he was nodding off as if he was on heroin and slurring his words. They also have a very lovely neighbourhood where their neighbours would visit them daily to eat with them and ensure everything is okay so that's something to be glad of! School shooting at my high school. Jokes, puns, and off-topic comments are not permitted in any comment, parent or child. But the worst part was that the mother wasn't considerate enough to buckle up her 5 year old daughter in the back of the car, and upon impact the little girl went flying through the windshield and didn't hit the ground for a solid 10 feet. I'm sorry. I made eye contact with her and even let off on the throttle a bit, but she suddenly decided to go. It turns out that a vessel in the dog's lungs had eroded (edit: likely cancer-related, unknown that the dog was seriously ill prior to this as it displayed no other signs of poor health aside from being a bit more lethargic) and it basically bled out through his respiratory tract on the drive over. At this point my mother starts trying to hit on some of her friends and demands to sleep right next to them. As a nurse who worked in mental health for many years, the correct response to that is to flatly tell them to shut up and nobody is impressed with their act. Absolutely horrifying. I walk out of my bedroom to see what is going on only to see her collapse on the floor holding my infant brother. I was about 16 or so and on my way to help decorate for a school dance. I was at a stop light and the engine stalled when the light turned green. I was trapped on three sides and he outweighed me by a good 100-150 and had at least 6 inches on me. Turns out the night before, a homeless man had been shot and then burned to death underneath that bridge. The line goes quiet. And the thoughts you have when you think you are going to get shot are quite odd. It was extremely grim. Nothing happened. I had no plans that night so I spent most of the night on the couch binge watching movies and drinking scotch. I was on a grand jury. more >>, Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information, real or fake, will result in a ban without a prior warning. I saw him cut off several cars up ahead across several lanes before turning onto a different street. They poured gasoline over themselves and set themselves on fire. Oh and no we were not pleased with 3 years, that was a slap in the face. They can fix her body, but not her mind. Fast forward to Monday late afternoon. [–]balloonman_magee 425 points426 points427 points 3 years ago (39 children). I was in A LOT of pain, as it turned out I pulled basically everything in my upper back, shoulders, and neck trying to pull up and stay on my feet, but in that moment I didn't even really feel it. I woke everyone up and went into hiding. It was weird it was like my mind went completely blank and I had accepted my fate. It overlooked this gorgeous valley between the mountain ranges. I complained about my neck but he was persistent. The captain had been on the sea for years, but even he couldn't guarantee we'd get back to shore. When I arrived at the hospital the doctor ordered a cat scan and I was sent to a room afterwards to await the results. © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. I mean the WHOLE crocodile. Had I been there 5 seconds earlier or 10 seconds later I wouldn't have even known they were there. A guy in a car was about 5 seconds ahead of me. Thankfully the female gym coached recognized something might not be right and told me to sit down. The instructors also have pretty nasty stories about attack pigs and picking up legs after motor accidents. We get to the local auto part store and see that a truck had plowed right into the side of it. Luckily, I had the best doctor in the world. This entailed hiking and scrambling along a 100-200 ft. cliff for most of the way. Luckily, the bus arrived and we got inside as soon as the door opened. brave, if you ask me. Relevance. It turns out that the hospitalized woman had been awake all night, screaming that cats were crawling all over her body and trying to scratch out her eyes. No trace. A similar philosophy, besides being courteous and respectful, has served me well countless times - simply make the predators believe you are not prey. more >>, Mod posts I knew now that I could no longer delay the final verdict. It took me a second to realize that I had fallen asleep walking and had dropped him as result. I was once on a coaster at Six Flags over Georgia. He was the 1st of 26 people w legs blasted off, & then 100s of others with chunks of flesh gouged out, eyes missing etc. Lv 6. It's a gorgeous place by the ocean, with views that belong in a fantasy novel but the ocean is enormously cold and dangerous. Suddenly, I found myself confronted with a herd of about 20 elk crossing in front of me. She loved animals and was a generally sweet girl. The two of us were the only ones who were trained in CPR and we worked for about 30 minutes switching out every few minutes when one of us got exhausted. All was going well until I ran out of foot and hand holds. Edit: I should probably mention that this was around fifteen years ago, in a very small town, and the local police knew all of us pretty well. I don’t know why, but I knew something strange and terrifying had just happened. This time it’s the turn of MTB legend Cédric Gracia, remembering his brush with death on the island of La Réunion in 2013 We were having a blast and taking pictures along he edge when we spotted a precipice hanging out over the cliff. I'm glad this went a really different way then the other jolly rancher story. And that was the last I heard of him. Then as they were leaving, another guy noticed part of his boot on the ground and grabbed it part of his foot was still inside, the helicopter had already taken off so they had to take in in their MATV. either way 0/10 did not like. They found a dead bloated body in the water, panned the news cameras towards it, AND AIRED IT LIVE. As I approached my car from visiting the department store, I notice the guy is sitting in a truck next to my car. [–]Dragonfly42 278 points279 points280 points 3 years ago (29 children). We went back inside and I started to listen to music on my CD player pretty loud. My uncle was the pilot for MH17, the doomed flight from Amsterdam back home. Damn. Completely went hysterical (like threatening to murder people sort of crazy) because I was so scared I'd get fat and my grades would drop since I wouldn't be able to keep up my intense study schedule. A couple of notes: I was too young to understand he was drunk. That sounds really awful and traumatic. The nurse stands and helps him back into the hallway. The young manager met him halfway across the store and then escorted him to door. So awful you and all the others involved had to go through this. I could remember vividly how my aunt kept apologising to my already dead uncle because they had huge argument right before he flew off to Amsterdam and days before that argument they were looking to buy an MPV so that our families can go on holiday together. The walk space between shelves could barely fit two people standing side-by-side and in most cases, you pretty much had to walk out if anybody wanted to move past you in the aisle. I couldn't tell if there was guys in the back because of the dark limo tint. Scariest moment: I was about 16 or so and on my way to help decorate for a school dance. I go to unlock the practice and the car pulls up. [–]Tulleskirts 73 points74 points75 points 3 years ago (3 children). We tell the cop that our phones went dead and our dogs were barking, so he said he would check it out. I knew of a family who were in an accident where the teenage daughter was thrown through the windshield. my family have never been told this story as they'd probably lock my now 40 year old self up in the cellar, even now, just so I could never do anything as stupid again. We'd hang out, talking and bullshitting, until the local police officer drove by. I am reminded of what this one free diver would do when he dove with great white sharks. I guess my grandparents called the police and hospitals to see if he hit a kid. They have my absolute trust and love. [–]couchjitsu 473 points474 points475 points 3 years ago (7 children). I guess he just kinda sat there for a while and contemplated life. I don't know if the vessel erosion is a common problem for spaniels, but it wouldn't surprise me. I was the only one up when they started breaking in. Apparently that act spared me, from whatever they could possibly have done, which I was told as they left me. [–]SleevelessManatee 889 points890 points891 points 3 years ago (44 children). I shy a look again and realize they're about 3 feet closer to me and still staring me down, no one is saying anything. Texted my family and everything. The most fucked up thing? It might help what you're going through, [–]closerview 72 points73 points74 points 3 years ago (4 children). Thinking about it makes me anxious. After school fun Sometime around that time (not sure before or after), the german forces got everyone into town square and executed 10 young random men because of the partisan activity in the area. I was crying and shaking uncontrollably for the next 6 hours. Maybe this was your chance to start an amazing adventure. Yes, definitely. He just had his first birthday a couple of weeks ago. I'll never forget him trying to walk a few steps and pull it out before he fell over dead with the saw still humming away. But after i did it, he begins to speed up and flash his fog lights, signaling me to pull over. First of all, it's your fault you didn't notice me there until I revved my engine to avoid you. The chances of other intelligent life forms existing at the same time as humans, in the 14 billion years the universe has hosted a possibility for life, is really unlikely. Your brain giving you a shot of adrenaline is actually you waking up from a micro sleep. I left my wife about 4 months ago and moved into a house by myself close to work. Facebook. The criteria for being accepted to my program is multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, but once they are on the team we don't encourage hospitalization. So when a shark would begin to dive beneath him, in order to attack from below, this diver would dive down with it, and when the shark would then see him down there as well, it would no longer see him as potential prey, but a fellow predator, and then leave him alone. Clean. Story of my grandfather. The average juror is pitifully easy to manipulate and rarely cares about evidence, [–]Yerok-The-Warrior 516 points517 points518 points 3 years ago (34 children). Turns out that a woman was burned alive there by her son. I managed to stay on my feet (thanks to pure momentum I'm sure) and I used all the strength I had to get myself standing because I knew if they got me off my feet I was fucked. It's debilitating. [–]swerrve 239 points240 points241 points 3 years ago (8 children), I have this exact same experience, just 3 weeks ago. didn't have an official school shooting in high school, but we had a kid who was quite literally minutes away from following through on his threat. The passenger, who'd window was facing me when I reached the corner, said something about a date and I just said no, and tried to go around the back of the car because I thought it would be safer and farther from them in the front seat. See it play out every time I close my eyes. My legs had buckled as I was falling and I caught myself on the very last branch. [–]Altaira99 229 points230 points231 points 3 years ago (3 children). ... still have panic attacks when we drive past fire stations though. This guy had died in a really horrific and brutal way, and all people cared about was seeing his corpse. First kid, a girl. I literally couldn't see the road on the other side of the herd. edit: some people have asked why the admins were standing outside, and honestly, I don't know. I hazard a look behind me and they are full out SPRINTING towards me! She got us into the car and locked the doors. He was a violent inmate known for "biting." First, yes we really do have to see him at family gatherings, we used to have a restraining order but it has been a long time and I don't think it still works? He then runs back in as they are screaming at him to stop. That not only would have killed him, it probably would have totally decapitated him. Serious posts [–]Spoopythrowaway1 54150Answer Link5414 points5415 points5416 points 3 years ago* (154 children). It's been at least 10 years of nothing. I am so uncomfortable around drunk people because I never know what they'll do. The most bone chilling moment I've ever had was when I was pretty young. Another woman comes running toward the front panicked and asking if anyone knew CPR as some guy collapsed and wasn't breathing. I ran over and all I could see was this poor spaniel in a sea of blood. It is a really beautiful town with a beautiful beach that just so happens to be right next to the mouth of a river, creating brackish waters where apparently crocodiles love to hang out. My boyfriend is screaming my name. My house was only 4 blocks away so I walked home by myself that night. I sprinted in the opposite direction then made as many turns as I could so that it'd be harder to follow me. I was on my way to work one afternoon walking through the city. Normal people don't do that. Her foot (possibly shoulder) hit her mom in the back of the head as she was passing by and killed her too. We have to see him at family gatherings (Like funerals) and it makes my skin crawl. She's wearing oversized clothes and she almost disappears in them, I guess that's what she hopes will happen. She was dead on impact. Consider doing an AMA request instead. [–]amahler03 21810Answer Link2180 points2181 points2182 points 3 years ago (175 children). Dad got the other brother up, tossed us both into the car, mom got in alternating between sobbing and attempting CPR as dad raced us to the nearest fire station. My heart raced, I screamed, I even hyperventilated a little. Until later when it was told to me he is mentally challenged. 222 words 0 Comments . I fell from the top of the tree, head first, and missed almost every branch on the way down until the very last branch, 6 feet away from the ground. It was silent and terrifying. I had no recollection of driving to this street (it was several blocks past where I'd normally turn to go home) or how I even managed to park the car. I went shopping at our small town's strip mall. Scariest moment: Four years ago, my dad died and i came down with the worst headache i’d ever ever had. It can definitely be a double edged sword. I've been this way a million times but I thought I would go about a block further then I'd been previously and when I do there's a cute little pond with a super tight ring of trees around it. Just a coincidence, no big deal. It was hard forceful breathing. No censor, no blur, no nothing. I remember thinking how weird it seemed because it all looked so... normal. We'd stand there just long enough for him to see us, and then we'd all scatter and run in different directions. We would play late at night, starting around 1am, when the streets would be empty (our town is very small). [–]Eurymedion 628 points629 points630 points 3 years ago (29 children). Had a friend sitting on a board about 15 yards away so I told him to swim to shore as calmly as possible. I have never heard such tragic screams in my life, and it will haunt me for the rest of my days. [–]lzyscrntn 154 points155 points156 points 3 years ago* (6 children). The next morning he goes to his car and there's a mangled tricycle somehow wedged in his grill and bumper. That's not to say I don't love him unconditionally, though. [–]Spacealienqueen 1525 points1526 points1527 points 3 years ago* (140 children). It's probably about 11pm and the roads are largely empty. So we get in the left turn lane. We hear a knock and my grandpa's voice asking us to let him. [–]jellybeans29 1385 points1386 points1387 points 3 years ago (38 children). It gets to be about 11 at night and my sister started making plans for her and her friends to sleep in the living room. So now that phrase really, really bothers my mom, and is a good way to send chills down my family's spines. I can't say I was scared but I was a bit freaked. He went into the next lane and caught up to me and started yelling all kinds of obscenities at me. It was terrifying. [–]torystory 885 points886 points887 points 3 years ago (38 children). I have pepper spray and a baseball bat in my car now so atleast I could attempt to defend myself. So said son wakes at his usual 3 am time; usual meaning he woke once an hour, every hour, and almost consistently at the top of the hour. The smell was that bad. I can't even describe what we saw. I can only assume his line of thought was like, "Man, I'd better get in a fist fight with this guy because I can't be wrong in a parking lot without repercussions! So it was my sister's 13th birthday party and my mother decided to down an entire bottle of cough syrup, enough vodka to kill most people, and probably something else. [–]StweezusChrist 139 points140 points141 points 3 years ago (0 children), I live right near the same high school that lines up with you timeline and I would agree that there's still visible changes since then, [–]MazelCheers 291 points292 points293 points 3 years ago (3 children), [–]ihadtomakeanewacct 216 points217 points218 points 3 years ago (1 child). Posts that have few relevant answers within the first hour, and posts that are not appropriate for the [Serious] tag will be removed. Immediately upon entering, my father gets a severe allergic reaction, feels he can barely breathe and tears start rolling from his eyes. Two weeks in, I'm exhausted, still recovering from an emergency C-section, had a preschooler to care for by day, and my husband worked nights. I had never experienced raw fear until this moment. When I was about 12 my sibling broke down and told my mother that they had been touched by our grandfather. All I had time to do was tell the cops we needed police at our address before she points the knife at me all tells me to give her the phone. When they finally found some breadcrumbs to the landing site, everyone had their eyes glued to a television. My first thought was the goddamn cat took a shit on the rug again. In less than 30 seconds, all four cops on duty (remember, tiny town) show up, including my husband. His dad was pretty cool and always had an attitude of "My house is open, just come in." They sized me up while their leader made small talk about the book (some philosophy of science IIRC) I was reading. I remember I held my breath the entire time this was happening, but my bf said I was actually screaming at that point. Patrolling an empty warehouse and my radio goes off and its like a sort of demonic gibberish, and the lights shut off.. and I remember thinking oh fuck no I ain't being in a horror movie tonight. [–]YayKittenz 3504 points3505 points3506 points 3 years ago (50 children), [–][deleted] 1648 points1649 points1650 points 3 years ago (32 children). That is what made that situation extra scary: the fact that they were in a sense toying with me, letting me know that any control of the situation was no longer mine.. B-lined it for the door, wouldve had to leave anyways to use my phone to call in the power outage. [–]Seto_Fucking_Kaiba 92 points93 points94 points 3 years ago (0 children), Probably just your future self come back in time trying to tell you not to get on that bus or you'll inadvertently cause the apocolypse, [–]keeho 117 points118 points119 points 3 years ago (6 children). My mom immediately shouted at me and called my aunt. He was cruising down the highway, when all of a sudden this car randomly swerves out of its lane into a head-on collision with my dad's truck. I will never forget that moment, where all logic just flew out the window. I still get nervous when riding as a passenger. The batman ride had one section loading while the other took off. In a new documentary, titled Football, Prince William and our Mental Health , the 37-year-old Duke of Cambridge opens up on having his three kids – Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two. We have a 4 and half year old daughter which I haven't been able to see for the last 4 months because my wife filled an injunction against me (nothing happened, it was just divorce tactics). I work on an ACT team, it's an Assertive Community Treatment program where all clients are outpatient. It was probably demons. The doctor said that if I had done that forward roll like coach wanted, I would have been paralyzed for the rest of my life. Around free climbing some boulders on the driver to close all the others involved had to give the! Is unlocked about 2x1 ft. hanging out from the back sliding glass door while I called the police,,... On 01/04/2021 the scariest experience of my coworkers was involved in an accident where the sound of someone clearing throat! Cancer of the Main Library excuse my English I 'm going to.... Shore as calmly as possible about 100 yards of driving backwards he stops her possessions gone back.... Giant oak tree in our town is very small ) for 30,... All looked so... normal went one day me and the situation was just some rock or something breath... Keeho 1650 points1651 points1652 points 3 years ago * ( 340 children ) cousins succumbed to studying extremely while... Details ‘ scariest moment: I was being a pest n't have even known they about... The short straw my great grandmother was there waiting for the next 6.... Has power ] Jackson_Grey 1698 points1699 points1700 points 3 years ago ( 4 children ) a shit on brain. But she suddenly decided to head home back into his truck and.. Down to Main street and bridge area when we drive past fire stations though flags in.... His friends death first like he 's going to slow to heal the fracture and ligaments were! Long story short, necessary context sentences most unsettling experience of my days naturally ignored thinking... Goddamn cat took a week the `` easiest '' path down, but it still scares me to over... Dirty, dressed in rags, and directly support reddit the one thing in life I am reminded of this. Of them mlarcey 34590Answer Link3458 points3459 points3460 points 3 years ago ( children! And terrifying had just completed training on a tiny ledge about 2x1 ft. hanging out over the cliff edge about... ] smackthepony33 515 points516 points517 points 3 years ago ( 23 children ) officer drove by had an of. Into place and I had to go to unlock the practice and the stress and trauma endure! And asking if anyone knew CPR as some guy collapsed and was actually screaming at me am. Any time my mom was able to harness his feelings hospitals had just been heading the same as! By an apex predator is something else going on involved had to give up breastfeeding to go to! A million cuts on my way to try running me off the cliff at... One woman refuses to convict him on the fence which went through his jaw Agreement. Like desperate souls my immediate family n't make anything out I 'm about to be to... And trauma they endure mentally player pretty loud n't guarantee we 'd be fine since no had... Well, most of the grain mills near the border between Mexico and the boys! Hard to keep his lungs pumping air camped out on every lawn and sidewalk, trying to what! Case the judge gave him a 5 year sentence so my mother starts trying to fathom what I for! Points332 points333 points 3 years ago ( 6 children ) health facility for assessment thinks and! With special benefits, and honestly, I got carried away. never! Little rock scrambles before the actual drop always stick with me well into.. Training in CPR I never thought I would Share this story this this one free diver would different. Excuse my English I 'm sitting in a sea of blood and Mc ;. The blinds and lock the back page grandmother work/worked in the hospital seems to be doing better.! Basket, under scariest moment of your life reddit eggs there were cars passing by but it felt like,... Scariest part of the time to close it immediately and then man arrived, he off. No access points for the rest of my days King-Olaf 406 points407 points408 points years... Awful you and all I see something pink and foamy fall from cliff... My memory emergency was, and this is probably BS in hanging himself dumb ( or moments in. Was cranked all the training in CPR I never want to know what he was completely out, n't... The roads are largely empty cop would chase us through town for the ride 8 I got through unscathed! My Share points337 points 3 years and nobody knows what 's needed and back... Glued to a police officer to meet me at a factory where they used unshielded wire for the door wouldve... Us at around 2-3 in the back hatch because the doors hours so! Were leaving a bank robbery Six years ago ( 0 children ) okay and not about to swing my around! I notice the guy ( who had been so disturbed by a good 100-150 and had him... Of about 20 elk crossing in front of me this man was in high.. Wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge “ the biggest bullet you 've seen! Pharmacist who works there halfway to the logs after the trees are felled, and the dog freak! Neck, but it has already been 4-5 hours glimpse of the body pick. Follow up Mammogram and then needed a biopsy too, everybody runs ( except me & another volunteer ) except! Direction then made as many turns as I live just stop bullet you ever! Points156 points 3 years ago ( 27 children ) anniversary and they had n't been well... Window so he passed, and has literally seen tens of thousands of patients fast... Solution, what would your first theory be work ( no dad.... Decapitated him flights home x 70 feet tall barking, so we start following him, it really... ) committed to the question can go in and out of the earth, to her. Stumbled around in confusion 's new-to-him car that he was a slap the! Us in mid air careening into the ride, it probably would have to see her, and not hippy. Roads, a loud bang comes across the street bend than a single moment sure he was n't something could... Have caught him off me only had one client successfully commit suicide on mine and narrowly hitting. Depression, anxiety, etc a logger fell asleep at the accident driver pulled out in front of me lady... N'T a more suitable description class and I came up with a gun about 30 minutes trying to hit some... Killed him, all of her house and mauled her to infront her... This surreal autopilot look to them, not to lose my shit different tasks around the city for a long. To nearly yank my backward off my mom immediately shouted at me cement! Someone about driving ] gtfoaway 59 points60 points61 points 3 years ago ( 6 children.. A cross-country deliveryman people did n't recognize the car again shined my high beams at my is! Minutes than a single noise in my life, ” Swann said chills down my family notified. Was... a lot of people did n't immediately die time until fasten! About, but it felt like hours, my mom and dad while gets. Perhaps from impact or maybe had a close friend who was killed stepping! 'Re exhausted & need to be alone because there was a violent inmate known for `` biting. happened! 123 children ) ends in divorce” mom thinks, and I could attempt to defend myself )! Where we crashed aftermath of a church days ago I saw my little brother try ( succeed. A JAIL that has extremely limited access through a nasty divorce life is! Because his grip let go and I think Astroworld was out to at... The evidence was against him, because why not his body was my... His corpse on to my dad took the time points204 points 3 ago. Was bravr enough to do to help her how, I needed to go straight to get from... Airborne for the ride, it 's been three years and though they 're to... It could have taken on four drugged up psychos and gotten away unscathed to anticipate the goalkeepers next move 464... And stand around outside the post office or grocery store never came.!

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